Faith and Freedom

Our theme for the People to People radio broadcast this month is “Faith and Freedom.” Richard and I introduced the theme last Tuesday. Our staff thought the on-air discussion was worthy enough to be the call of the week.

You can listen to that discussion here.

Here is the main point; faith in Jesus Christ leads to spiritual freedom. In the spirit of this blog, First Life Then Change, Richard coined the phrase, First Faith, Then Freedom.

The quest for freedom is one of the strong themes within the human story. We all long to be free. That longing is satisfied within the Gospel story. Jesus died to set us free. He was raised so that we could experience that freedom in His resurrected life. Walk by faith in Him and you will be free.

Once you listen to the call of the week, join the conversation. Others will be blessed to read your story of freedom.

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One thought on “Faith and Freedom

  1. Hi Bob!
    I am really looking forward to this series. This month on social networks, the theme seems to be the “if my people, who are called by my name…” thing. There is true freedom only in Jesus. God’s view is so at up above ours, as if our political structure means anything.
    Can’t wait for the kick off tomorrow!