What is the Gospel?

Ask 100 people what the gospel is, you might get 100 different answers.

So, what is the right answer?

The word “Gospel” means good news.

It’s news that’s happened in the past, yet benefits the hearer today.

Check out this 2 minute video and discover how something that happened two thousand years ago can radically and completely change your life today.

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One thought on “What is the Gospel?

  1. Yes Bob has it correct. If the early Calvin and Arminius had understood the Gospel there may not have been a debate at Dort in 1610. Both of these men believed that the forgiveness of sins was salvation and both of their doctrinal stances, Calvin’s view if ‘predestination’ and Arminius’s ‘a believer could lose their salvation’, were based on untruth and not the Gospel as Bob spoke so clearly. There is hope in truth and none in untruth.

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